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Baby Security Gates for Stairs

There are very many choices to choose from when it comes to baby security gates for stairs. Therefore, you need to be very careful in order to make sure you select the right type of gate that can protect your child.
Most parents fail to realize the importance of proper gate installation. Unfortunately, thousands of toddlers and babies are injured or killed every year as a result of accidents such as falling down the stairs. Sadly, most of these cases are preventable.
Safe Babies

Baby Proof Homes

A pressure mounted baby gate is ideal for room to room use. The gate will keep your baby in one area giving you a piece of mind. However, this type of gate does not provide the strength needed when pressing against it. If your child leans up against it or tries to climb it, the gate may give way.
A hardware mounted gate has screws and brackets which permanently attach it to the wall or frame. This adds strength to the gate meaning that it won’t give way. You can also get extension gates which allow you t secure to a much larger opening.
It is wise to avoid those security gates for stairs with horizontal slats. They will tempt your child to climb. Look for narrow spaces between the vertical slats. To prevent head entrapment, it may be a good idea to choose spaces less than three inches apart.
Choose gates with sturdy construction and even finish.  Metal is more durable than wood. Take measurements around the area where you will use the gate and avoid a pressure gate that will need to be at its maximum width to fit because they may wobble.
You can also choose to have retractable stair gate. This is a good alternative for pressure mounted gate for stairs and needs to be bolted.
It is very important to strictly adhere to the installation instruction given by the manufacturer due to safety and warranty issues. This will help you install the gate successfully without leading to any damage to the gate. Consider different variables to make sure you install the gate effectively.
When using baby security gates for stairs, you have to always keep an eye on your child. Even though the gate provides protection to the child, it can be very dangerous for children who are growing older since they may try to climb the gate. Do not assume that the gate door is latched well just double check it.